One of the unique aspects of the Siam Royal View Resort & Estate development is that the location allows residents the rare pleasure of enjoying beaches on both sides of a peninsula. This means there is always  a sun dappled beach protected from the prevailing winds, and  has the sun either in front or at the back.

This feature makes Siam Royal View Resort & Estate very distinctive, and forms an important decision factor for people looking for an idyllic beach lifestyle to invest in with a Siam Royal View villa. Visitors are welcome to use Siam Royal View’s access to all the beaches listed if they are visiting one of the hotels or guesthouses, one of the restaurants or bars, the golf course, or the Water Sports Centre.

The Siam Royal View Resort borders a number of pristine beaches, making it the ideal loacation for those looking for a laid back Koh Chang beach lifestyle. Unlike crowded beaches in the mainstream tourist locations, Siam Royal View’s beaches are virtually private and spotlessly clean.

Although in Thailand beaches are the property of the government and cannot be privately owned, the only access to Siam Royal View’s beaches is either across the resort’s land, to which the Siam Royal View secuirty controls access, or via the sea. The beaches are therefore almost exclusively used by residents, guests or visitors. This means that the beaches are peaceful and clean, providing owners of Siam Royal View the ideal environment for exclusive Koh Chang beach living.


One of the jewels in Siam Royal View’s crown is Chang Noi beach – the finest beach on Koh Chang, according to popular opinion. Chang Noi beach stretches for over two kilometres and provides the most captivating setting  for a beachfront villa lifestyle.

The beach is located in the outstanding Klong Son Bay, looking out towards the north west and offering sublime sunset views each evening. Much of the bay is fringed by tropical forest, giving the feeling of being completeky at one with nature.

Chang Noi beach is made up of fine, golden sand and fringed with swaying palms and conifers, which offer shady respite for those that wish to avoid  direct rays from the sun. This secluded bay protects the beach from rough seas and boasts  azure blue waters – perfect for swimming.


HALF MOON BEACH siam royal view koh chang luxury hotels and villas

This 150 m wide arc of fine sand has the shape of a halfmoon, from where it derives its name. It borders the Siam Royal View properties that face onto the strait separating Koh Chang from the mainland. There is a further unnamed beach bordering national park land that is solely accessible from a jungle trail located at the end of Half Moon beach, and is also available for use by Siam Royal View residents.


PENINSULA COVE BEACH siam royal view koh chang luxury hotels and villas

This stunning, secluded beach is a real hidden gem, facing the  northeast sunrise. It offers ambudant shade and beautiful colours in the afternoons when the sun is at its  back. Just offshore is a pristine coral reef housing a variety of colourful corals and fish, and is one of the finest snorkeling spots in the area.


The small Khao Noi beach is located behind the small hill (Khao Noi) at the north east side of the Resort & Estate, and offers pure quietude in a secluded setting.


Three Elephant Beach is situated on the northernmost tip of Koh Chang beach and Siam Royal View has secured land on this beach for future development. The land is entirely enclosed by a protected national park which separates it from the rest of the development. The company is currently negotiating the possibility of extending road access to the site, but in the meantime this isolated beach is only accessible by sea.

privacy, serenity and cleanliness

As the numerous beaches of the Siam Royal View Estate & Resort may only be accessed through the security gates (or by boat), the beaches are never crowded. In spite of the many villas, condos and hotel rooms, only a few people are be found on the beaches at any given time, and it is completely free of vendors. It is not unusual to have a long strech of sand all to yourself.

The beaches of the Siam Royal View Estate & Resort are carefully cleaned every morning and debris that the currents may have washed ashore overnight is removed.  Furthermore, the waste water and sewage systems of the houses and hotels are kept in prime condition, preventing any spillage into the sea. Very few tropical beaches around the world enjoy this level of care.

MARINA BEACH siam royal view koh chang luxury hotels and villas


MARINA BEACH siam royal view koh chang luxury hotels and villas

Marina Beach is located to the south of Chang Noi beach and is close to the estuary where the Klong Son River (the location of Siam Royal View’s yacht marina) empties into the bay.

The beach is protected by a large sandbank which is ideal for beach games, such as beach volleyball, beach soccer (football), or even a game of beach cricket.