The staff of Blue Haven Bay has concluded the internal Facebook competition by holding a prize-giving ceremony beginning March 2021.

As a collaboration between the Marketing and Human Resources departments, the competition ran between October and December 2020, in which the staff is encouraged to create personal content for Blue Haven Bay on their personal profiles, so long the special hashtag #bluehavenbay is used. Split into 4 well-mixed teams of front and back-of-house staff, every single post was rated for quality, creativity, originality and finally engagement.

“Every year we try to organize a fun competition for the staff. This year we felt that the competition should experiment by seeing Blue Haven Bay from the staff’s point of view.”

The prize giving was held at the beginning of March 2021, with the prizes handed to the teams by Khun Prasoot (HR Manager) and Khun Ralf (Marketing Manager). Congratulations to all the teams for participating!

In total, the Blue Haven Bay employees have procured over 500 posts in three months, with a wide variety of posts containing stunning pictures, videos, and even music videos all made from their own phones!

Out of 70 staff members, everybody did a great job!

Here are some standout employees with continuously great content ideas:

Khun Manoch Sawatmongkol

Khun Darunee Mewongsa (Tukta)

Khun Suphakorn Pholson (Narong)

Khun Thidarat Phantu (Nee)

Khun Numphon Sukpatana (Pui)

Khun Thitiyakorn Hankrittaporn (Aung Aing)

To see some of our staff’s Facebook posts, search #bluehavenbay, or simply follow this link: