Blue Haven Bay

The new name, look and future of Siam Royal View Koh Chang

(Koh Chang, Thailand) The management of Siam Royal View Koh Chang is proud to announce the completion of their rebranding to become the ultimate holiday destination called “Blue Haven Bay by Siam Royal View”.

The purpose of rebranding to Blue Haven Bay by Siam Royal View is to reposition themselves from the previous image of being solely a luxurious and exclusive housing. Instead positioning itself as a world class destination with beautiful beaches and hospitality services. The new name will continue to be supported by Siam Royal View brand, which is still a well-known prestigious property business in Thailand.

“The rebrand is to shift from the previous perception of being just a private residential when that is just not true. At Blue Haven Bay we are a destination with something for everyone. Koh Changs premier location with over 400k sq metres of natural beauty and 2km of sandy coastline.” said CEO Dan Cheeseman about the rebranding.

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Siam Royal View has enjoyed good success for over a decade in the property industry in both Pattaya and Koh Chang. In the past few years the Koh Chang village has taken the leap into hospitality boasting multiple hotels, restaurants and water sports appearing next to the village over the years. It is exciting times and Blue Haven Bay by Siam Royal View looks forward to welcoming you to visit!

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