Siam Royal View is delighted to announce an exciting new phase at its award winning villa development on Koh Chang. Canal Village will be one of the outstanding features in the exclusive marina section of the development and has been designed to give more boat owners the opportunity to have private mooring facilities attached to their luxury home.

Canal Village involves the construction of a new water channel fed directly from the Klong Son River. This provides the advantage of a waterside location to eight premium land plots as well as obvious benefits to the water sports enthusiast. The plots are ideal for owners of small and medium sized boats who will be in the enviable position of having their craft to hand just a few short steps from their door.  After casting their moorings, they have easy access to the river, the Siam Royal View marina complex and are only minutes from Klong Son Bay and the open sea. What could be better for someone who loves the sea?

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The construction of the channel, which is key to the development, is currently well underway. Once completed, it will ensure that every plot in Siam Royal View’s marina section has water access, being either located on the beach, the riverside or part of Canal Village.

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The development of Canal Village is part of Siam Royal View’s determination to continue providing the ultimate in luxury living in the paradise of Koh Chang. The company is certainly not resting on its laurels after being named ‘Eastern Seaboard Villa Development of the Year’ at the 2012 Thailand Property Awards or being recognised as one of the exceptional residential property projects in Thailand at the South East Asia Property Awards. Since then, the company has opened its state of the art Thailand marina.

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Siam Royal View is dedicated to combining luxury villa homes and first class facilities for boat owners in the tropical paradise of Koh Chang. If you would like to find out more about the incredible lifestyle opportunities presented by the development get in touch or better still, come and visit and see for yourself.