Homeowners team up to take on the Palm Weevil Beetle at Blue Haven Bay

Blue Haven Bay on Koh Chang is one of the most beautiful locations not only on Koh Chang but throughout Thailand. Complete with 2km of sandy coast line and lush vegetation it is a pleasure to behold and part of this beauty is also down to the 872 palm trees.

Unfortunately, these palm trees are one of the favourite foods of the Palm Weevil Beetle that literally eat the trees to death from the inside to out.

The Palm Weevils scientific name is the Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and are widely considered to be the most damaging insect pest of palms in the world.

To protect these trees the homeowners within Blue Haven Bay have formed a team to take on these beetles. The team is currently headed up by local resident Remo Kempf.

They had a custom app made called ‘Palm Rescue’ that allows them to track and manage every palm tree. All palm trees have an ID chip on them that connects with the App and updates when each health check is carried out. Each palm also has blue plastic tube insert near the base to add medicine to deter the beetles.

Furthermore, the villagers have placed 65 traps across Blue Haven Bay which have pheromones to attract the beetles. These have been in place for 5 years now and they need checking every 2 weeks, all of which is recorded on their app.

The result has seen less palm trees now dying and this protecting and conserving the overall beauty at Blue Haven Bay.

Well done to all involved!