How you would configure your luxury beachside villa in Thailand is surely one of the more pleasant conundrums that a person can face. It is one of the facets of buying one a property on our Koh Chang development that clients tell us they most enjoy and deciding how they would like to design the layout of their beachside home is one something that they pay great attention to.

One of the most fun and hotly debated decisions involves how to configure the top floor. All of our villas have multiple configurations available for the top floor and once clients have decided and the construction completed, they can decide what features they want to add to create the perfect living space.

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One of the design features of all of our villas is that open, useable roof space is included. After all, one of the greatest joys of a beach lifestyle is sitting on a roof terrace at dusk, sipping a cocktail and watching the sun slip gently into the ocean. Koh Chang is renowned for its stunning sunsets and heavily influenced our decision for useable rooftop space.

One of the first decisions clients need to make is how much extra space they wish to allocate to the open terrace. Some people take the view that the majority of top floor is better used for additional bedrooms. By reducing the open area, they are able to create a substantial four bedroom villa in our smaller sized options of Villa Peht or Villa Santi while still enjoying the benefits of some terrace space. That does not, of course, mean missing out on the sea view and some clients have even chosen a whole wall window design to give their bedrooms an amazing vista out on the ocean.

For other clients, a larger open area is more desirable. They effectively create a double terrace which ensures a superb outdoor living space with a sea view. The space created gives a highly versatile area for entertainment and leisure and often results in the roof terrace being the most lived in part of the home.

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Many clients have full rein to their creativity in equipping their terrace, designing them according to their personal taste and lifestyle. Some have installed whirlpool Jacuzzis, others a home bar, perfect for inviting friends over for evening drinks. Some terraces are equipped with a multi gym and others with water features or other adornments. It almost goes without saying that most consider a barbeque an absolute essential. Most importantly, Siam Royal View’s terrace configurations give homeowners choices and the ability to stamp their individual tastes on their beachside home.

If you would like to find out more about Siam Royal View’s award winning Koh Chang development get in touch for more details.