Sailors Lounge Cafe

A riverside cafe so picturesque and relaxing, you just can’t leave without having taken a selfie first! Located near the marina and across mangrove fields, every photo is a tranquil sight to behold.

If you are looking for the perfect shots, there are a few tips and tricks that we can give you.
Follow this guide and we can guarantee that you can make the most of your IG shots!

General Photo Rules:

  • The Golden Hours are in the morning (7 AM – 9 AM) and evenings (5 PM – 6 PM).
  • Always consider the direction of sunlight
  • Make sure that the sunlight hits you right and does not overexpose your skin (reflections, too bright, etc.)
  • Your surroundings look even more stunning when the palm trees cast long shadows


Bamboo Raft in the River

Located just below the cafe and accessible with a ladder, drift into the river with the bamboo raft and kneel/sit down. In the morning, we recommend a frontal shot with the coconuts beside you. In the evening, you can steal a silhouette shot with the setting sun behind the mangroves. The photographer can take all pictures from the ladder at a safe distance.

Heart-shaped Bench

If it is by yourself or together with a friend, this bench makes it easy for a cute picture. Any picture with a hearty smile will go a long way.

Hanging Net

Take a seat in the net that hangs just above the river. Take one of the bean bags, put your sunglasses and sunhat on and relax with an iced coffee. Your background should capture the mangroves and river, and if you’re lucky a yacht will drive by at the right moment!

Swing over the River

Don’t be afraid of the swing! It is excitement you want to show in this picture. For the picture you don’t have to swing to make it look good – extend your legs inward towards the platform so you can capture the river and mangroves in the background. If you want a more exciting shot, look outwards towards the river if you dare!


Why not post a short video rather than photo on your Instagram or Facebook page?



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