Does the thought of being stuck indoors make you claustrophobic? Do you long to get outside and close to nature? If so, make sure you don’t miss out on a jungle trek while you’re on Koh Chang.

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 It doesn’t matter whether you’re here for a few days, weeks, months or even years; there’s so much in the way of nature to explore that you’ll never be bored. I spend hours on my travels through the cool jungle trails in the rainforest and always manage to spot something new.

Enjoying a jungle trek will allow you to see a wide variety of flora and fauna including monkeys, birds, tarantulas, lizards and snakes. Hire a guide for the day and embark on your own private trek through the trees, jungle and waterfalls. 

If you have time, be sure to cool down by going for a swim underneath the stunning waterfalls, or perhaps you would prefer to get right to the heart of the jungle and capture a monkey grooming its mate or a large jungle spider weaving its web.

{timg title:=”Jungle Trekking on Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/jungle2.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/jungle2b.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}If you would like to take yourself off without the expertise of a guide, there are many routes you can take; just be sure to take a map with you and try not to get lost!

Make your way to the southern part of the island by car and take the walking track back to the northern part. The trail is a one-way loop which is shaded by the imposing trees. The trek is, by and large, a leisurely walk however there will be some climbing as well as few streams to cross.

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{timg title:=”Jungle Trekking on Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/jungle5.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/jungle5b.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}Make sure you have walking boots and always carry plenty of water! There is also a bamboo forest to make your way through and plenty of places to stop and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings as well animal viewing platforms and a wealth of tropical plants to enjoy.

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Another must-do for all outdoor lovers is to trek up Mount Salak Phet, which towers over the island at 744 meters at its peak. It is the largest mountain on Koh Chang and to get from the foot to the peak takes approximately five hours.  Believe me when I say that this is not for the unfit. It is quite a climb and while you don’t need to be an experienced climber you should have at least moderate fitness levels. 

As you are climbing the spectacular mountain, you’ll pass an abundance of plant and animal life which lives in the rainforest. Much of the wildlife might run and hide however, unless you are with an experienced guide who can tell you when and what to look out for. A guide will be able to follow animal tracks and will know the favourite haunts of most rainforest species.

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Once you have reached the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning 360° view of the entire island ranging from its Jungle interior to clear, calm surrounding waters. You will be higher than many of the low-flying birds, among which you will find sea eagles pretty often, and you will be able to experience a sense of freedom that can rarely be felt on ground level.