The unveiling of Siam Royal View’s new state of the art Koh Chang marina at PIMEX caused a real stir in the yachting community last month. PIMEX, held annually in Phuket, is one of the biggest sailing exhibition events in Asia and attracts yachtsmen and boating enthusiasts from around the world.

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For many of these visitors, it was the first chance to learn about the Gulf of Thailand’s newest modern marina facility. Thailand, particularly the Gulf, has a real shortage of marina facilities with all comparable sites fully booked with long waiting lists. The dearth of decent moorings resulted in a very warm reception from the yachting community for the new Koh Chang marina and throughout the show, Siam Royal View enjoyed a number of interesting enquiries.

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There was also great interest that berths at the Koh Chang marina were available for sale as well as rental. This is very unusual in Thailand where moorings are normally only available on a rental basis. It allows people the unique opportunity to invest in permanent mooring facilities.

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During the show, Phuket’s English language TV station caught up with Siam Royal View’s CEO, Roland Steiner, and conducted an interview about the new marina and Siam Royal View’s luxury property development on Koh Chang. The project, which was awarded the Best Villa Development on the Eastern Seaboard, offers highly competitive priced permanent residences and holiday homes in an unmatched paradise setting. Mr Steiner emphasised that large parts of Koh Chang and the 50 plus islands in the archipelago were protected as national park. He also pointed out that stringent building restrictions protected the island against the danger of over development.

Special Interview with CEO of Siam Royal View Koh Chang - Mr. Roland Steiner

One of the great advantages of the Koh Chang marina is the high quality of the cruising grounds for yachtsmen and the many small uninhabited tropical islands that can be explored. A number of Asia based yachtsmen visiting the show enthusiastically announced their intention to visit in the near future.

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It was not just the Siam Royal View booth that caused a stir at PIMEX. The show was a great success with visitors enjoying the many contributors both in the main hall itself and the exhibition boats.