This page is an introduction to the Mu Koh Chang Marine Park and other islands in the archipelago.     It gives an overview of the area and provides to more information on individual islands and island groups.

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The Mu Koh Chang Marine Park is home to some of the most picturesque islands in Thailand. The park is a protected marine reserve made up of 52 individual islands and was created in 1982 to preserve the areas outstanding natural beauty. The islands vary enormously in size from Koh Chang, the country’s second biggest island, to small deserted outcrops inhabited only by the local flora and fauna.

In total, the Mu Koh Chang Marine Park covers a total area of about 650 square kilometres – of which about 70% is ocean and 30% land. The bigger islands are generally characterised by granite mountains covered in tropical forest and home to a wide variety of tropical plant and animal life.

There are a number of other islands in the Koh Chang archipelago that are not part of the marine park. These are notably Koh Mak and its surrounding islands and Koh Kood.

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The main gateway to exploring the archipelago is Koh Chang, which is home to a thriving tourist business. However 80% of Koh Chang island is protected through being designated a wildlife reserve and as a result, the majority of the land area remains in its natural state.


Many of the islands are home to coral reefs presenting a perfect opportunity for divers and snorkelers to observe the marine life up close. The health of the reefs varies and the park’s authorities have begun to close down the worst affected to allow them to recover.

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In proximity to the Mu Koh Chang Marine Park are a number of other islands which are not covered by the same levels of protection. Nevertheless, many of these are also examples of picture perfect tropical paradise islands and are included in our guide as they are well worth a visit.

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Sailing in the Mu Koh Chang Marine Park and Surrounding Seas

The area surrounding the Mu Koh Chang Marine Park is a perfect sailing ground and offers one to the best opportunities for sailors visiting the Gulf of Thailand. In the past, the area has been largely overlooked by boat owners due to the lack of facilities and information. The development of a new Thailand marina on Koh Chang by Siam Royal View means that visiting yachtsmen now have state of the art facilities as a base for their exploration of the area and this guide begins to make up for the information deficit.

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