Throughout Koh Chang there are plenty of fabulous restaurants catering to every taste and budget. These range from a quick bowl of noodles to sumptuous five star dining and if you are on holiday, your needs are well catered to. However, for those who live on the island or stay for an extended period, at some stage you will want to prepare your own meals – even if it is only a bowl of cereal for breakfast. That means finding out about Koh Chang markets, supermarkets and grocery shopping. 


Currently none of the major grocery retailers have moved onto the island. There is no Tesco on Koh Chang or a Big C or Makro cash and carry. This does mean that there are some limitations on the range of goods and produce available, but rest assured that in terms of the basics, just about every need is catered to.

Koh Chang Markets

The biggest Koh Chang market is Jeh Nong Market at Chai Chet village on Klong Prao beach. Jeh Nong supplies many of the island hotels and resorts so, as you would expect, the quality of the fresh produce is very high. The market is supplied daily from the mainland.

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At Jeh Nong market you can buy fresh chicken, pork, fish and seafood. There is also a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. They also have a reasonable range of processed food products, bottled sauces and so on.

Most of the main island resort areas also have much smaller market stalls selling fresh produce and sometimes chicken and fish.

For fresh out of the sea, either fish or shellfish, it is possible to buy direct from the fishermen at both Klong Son Bay, Salakphet or Bang Bao fishing villages.

Koh Chang Supermarkets

The best Koh Chang supermarket is VJ Mart, also at Chai Chet on Klong Prao beach. It is handy as you can do both your fresh and provisions shopping in the same location. Although VJ is not a supermarket as we commonly know them, it does hold an extraordinary range of products; certainly the biggest selection on the island. VJ Mart stocks many western products to cater specifically to the expatriate community on Koh Chang. They also have one of the largest selections of wines and spirits on the island.

There are some other independent grocery stores on Koh Chang including KC supermarket and the Koh Chang Cash and Carry on White Sands Beach and Sing Thong Supermakert on Klong Prao. Jeh Vaen is a Thai grocery store on Klong Prao that stocks a multitude of household goods, small hardware and electrical items.

In addition to the Koh Chang supermarkets listed above, all the resort towns have the ubiquitous 7-11 stores. These are all well stocked with basic provisions for day-to-day use.

Buying Wine on Koh Chang

If you are going to cook a nice dinner at home on Koh Chang, it is likely you will want to enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner. Although wine is available at other outlets, the best selection is at the Wine Gallery in Kai Bae. There is also a specialist wine and spirit retailer on White Sands, the Hi Low Wine Shop.

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If you are staying on the island, we hope this guide to Koh Chang Markets, Supermarkets and Grocery Shopping has been useful. Siam Royal View is the island’s leading property developer specialising in providing luxury Koh Chang villas. If you would like to visit our development our Golf Course, Beach Club and Water Sports Centre are open to the public so please stop by. For more information on our homes please contact us.