in oThe cutting edge Blue Haven Bay Yacht Marina provides berths for up to 75 boats with floating piers. It offers thoroughly modern facilities for both sailing craft and motor boats, and all berths are equipped with electricity and fresh water supply.

The Marina is up the river mouth and well sheltered from the open sea, wind and waves.

Blue Haven Bay Koh Chang Marina is the only facility of its class within a 200km radius and one of only two comparable marinas in the entire Gulf of Thailand.

A paradise haven for yacht owners, the marina opens up one of the most stunning sailing areas in the world.

The region’s crystal clear seas are generously dotted with richly forested tropical islands with pristine, picture perfect beaches. It is an area that begs to be explored by modern day seagoing adventurers, but prior to the completion of the Blue Haven Bay Koh Chang Marina the lack of high-end marina facilities has always proved to be a big disincentive for many adventurous yacht owners.

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Boat Tours

Blue Haven Bay is probably the starting point of boat trips on the whole island.

From there you can take the following tours:

  • Mainland Pickup and Dropoff
  • Klong Son Bay Tour
  • Koh Yuak-Mannok-Suwan Tour
  • Koh Wai-Klum-Loaya Tour
  • Koh Mak-Kham-Rang Tour
  • Koh Kood-Kradat Tour


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