Four years after the successful launch of the reputable Siam Royal View brand, it was time for a facelift of the corporate design.

With encouraging signs that the world economic crisis is easing and markets about to upswing, Siam Royal View took the chance to create a whole new set of marketing materials in order to prepare for a new international marketing campaign.

Brainstorming in the management team brought up a number of issues that needed to be addressed: a fresher look, a design that matches the upmarket quality of the products, a subtle facelift for the logo, consistency in graphic and color design were some of the criteria.

After the internal brainstorming and specification phase, a freelance graphics design team composed of senior marketing and design personalities was put together. This team, composed of outstanding graphics design talents from Australia, the UK, Canada and Thailand not only created a whole new set of marketing materials, but also a Siam Royal View graphics design book.

The centerpiece of the new marketing design is the multifunctional CD booklet. This booklet fits in the front pocket of an average man’s shirt and certainly in every lady’s handbag. It is designed to host not only the Siam Royal View CD with pictures and videos, but also descriptive booklets on the Siam Royal View Koh Chang and Pattaya projects.

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