If you’ve had enough of lounging on the beach for one day and would like to get out and about to see some sights, one of the best day trips is to make the most of the surrounding islands.

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 Island hopping across the small islands dotting the horizon is fun, relaxing and perfect if you have a restless family. Follow my suggested itineraries and you won’t go far wrong or you can of course always create your own trip tailored to your own wants and needs.

The most popular islands which can be visited in a day include: Koh Wai , Koh Maak, Koh Kham, Koh Rayang and Koh Kood. The pier at Bang Bao offers the only regular connections with three boats a day running every day during the high season (October through until April).  

The big wooden boat is perfect for those who want to take their time and relax while seeing the sights and scenery along the way. It offers a gentle trip from island to island aboard a comfortable vessel. However, this is not ideal for someone with limited time on their hands. It leaves every morning and has seating space for up to 45 people. 

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If you would like to take yourself off without the expertise of a guide, there are many routes you can take; just be sure to take a map with you and try not to get lost!

The relaxing journey will take you past breathtaking scenery and a number of islands. The first stop along the way is Koh Wai.  You’ll have time to explore the small island and relax before setting sail again; this time for Koh Kham and Koh Maak. 

{timg title:=”One Day Island Hopping Around Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/island14.JPG” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/island14b.JPG” gal:=”gallery-content”}There are many local resorts on Koh Maak and taxis awaiting your arrival to take you to wherever you would like to go. You get to spend the afternoon on Koh Maak and snorkelling in the beautiful tropical sea before returning to Koh Chang.  Masks and snorkels are provided during this trip; as is lunch.  

The second option is to take a speedboat which will nip you around from island to island. The large speedboat can comfortably sit up to 30 people and offers a fast ride to the same tree islands as the Big Wooden Boat does. 

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The difference is that with the journey time being that much shorter, there is more time to spend exploring each island. If you want to add an extra journey in, there is another speedboat available on Koh Maak which will take you to Koh Kood. 

The journey time is 30 minutes so can easily be fitted in all in one day should you be short on time.  It is also possible to charter your own speedboat which can be organised on Koh Chang and offers you the privacy and luxury of your own itinerary.

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The final option is to take the ‘big boat’ from Koh Chang which is comfortable, slow and available for charter. This boat is only available in high season but offers an alternative to the other two options.

The islands have some beautiful scenery which is easily explored. They are also all surrounded by the clearest sea which is perfect for snorkelling. A full day’s itinerary takes into account the time required for exploration, dining and relaxing and is perfect for families with small children. Both the big wooden boat and the speedboat are safe options and provide an enjoyable ride for all.

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