Customer Story by Anna and Thomas Mueller

When we visited Koh Chang for the first time a few years ago, we both fell in love with this island at first sight. We were immediately fascinated by the very special Koh Chang atmosphere that caught us after stepping foot on the island, and of course by the breathtaking landscape and views. A couple more blissful visits convinced us that we would come back to this eden-like place again and again. And so, the idea to have our own piece of paradise in this life matured. 


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The idea finally became reality back in 2009, when we managed to buy a piece of land right on the sandy Half Moon Beach in the Siam Royal View Koh Chang Property.

{timg title:=”The beautiful interior of a Koh Chang beach bungalow” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/32b_228.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/big32b_228.JPG” gal:=”gallery-content”}But what type of beach house would fit our particular needs best? 

From here on, we took a rather analytic approach and discussed intensely, and finally listed the likely use of the house we envisaged for our island holiday trips, and from the uses we derived the requirements for the house. 

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The Siam Royal View development offers a range of standard house types, which we found quite appealing. We found that the house type Peht came closest to our specific needs, with a few significant modifications.

Some of our requirements were:  low maintenance effort, no garden (just sand …), simplistic house technology, no guest bedrooms (after all, there are many guest rooms for rent and even a boutique hotel in the close neighborhood), space for our toys such as ATV and jetski, garage for our car, a large covered patio, orientation towards the sea, absolute privacy in the bedroom area, lots of storage room for hobby and sports equipment, such as motorcycle helmet, life vests, scuba equipment, water skis, tools, golf equipment, etc.

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With regard to the exterior and interior design, we envisioned to combine the typical Thai island style with some Swiss minimalism, and all materials and construction should be in top quality executed by Siam Royal View. By no means we would want to just use mondane tiles and synthetic plaster. 

We discussed these requirements with Daniel Gianoli, the architect of Siam Royal View, and in the course of a few weeks we jointly hammered out a design that we really liked, both beautiful to the eye and functional for our needs.

{timg title:=”A dream beach house on Koh Chang” thumb:=”images/stories/srv/blog/32b_246.jpg” img:=”images/stories/srv/blog/32b_246.jpg” gal:=”gallery-content”}Construction started March 2010, and we moved into our new home in November 2010.Our dream was to have the beach house just surrounded by sand and to skip gardening completely, since it is located right on the beachfront.  However, we considered that it would be wise to ensure proper drain of the roof water in the case of rainfall. Therefore, we planned a slender bed of gravel to allow smooth drainage of rain water, and to prevent the sand from moving with a few wooden logs.  We also planted a few additional coconut palms to create a real tropical feel and to provide some shadow for the sunbeds.

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The result is a stunning tropical beach atmoshere. We enjoy this juwel so much that we drive to Koh Chang almost every weekend to savour most of our free time in this stunning natural paradise.