Sailing Koh Chang is a paradise for all boat owners regardless of whether it is a small recreational craft, an ocean going yacht, a speed boat or luxury motor launch. The pristine sea, calm waters and tropical sunshine are ideal for boat owners of all kinds. Most of the islands have a covering of lush verdant forest and golden sand beaches which provide a stunning backdrop to sailing in Koh Chang’s waters.

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Koh Chang and the collection of 60 islands that make up the archipelago are some of the most interesting yachting waters in the world.  Sailing Koh Chang is made easy by the many anchorage spots and handy mooring at a number of resorts and restaurants on the island.

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The Koh Chang sailing grounds are made up of a wide range of uninhabited, deserted islands with unspoilt beaches begging to be visited by the yachtsman and his crew. Over two dozen of the islands are host to private island resorts that welcome day visitors and provide overnight stays for those wishing to sleep on dry land. There is a range of catering and accommodation on offer to suit all tastes.

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There are also destinations to suit every kind of leisure sailor; bays and beaches for relaxation, snorkeling grounds for the more active, as well as scuba diving sites for the advanced adventurer. Sailing Koh Chang provides excellent fishing opportunities with an enormous variety of fish. The catch can vary from the small to big game fish.

Once the archipelago becomes too small for the advanced yachtsman, there are many further destinations in the wider vicinity. The Gulf of Thailand has a lot to offer and makes for a huge yachting ground including the Cambodian and Vietnamese coasts as well as access to inland waterways such as the Chao Praya River through Bangkok and the mighty Mekong River.

Koh Chang lies exactly on one of the most frequented long haul yachting routes in the region, from the South China Sea to Phuket. This makes the island an excellent location for a leisure stop over.

Siam Royal View is constructing the most up-to-date marina in Thailand and is getting set to welcome sailors from all over the world to Koh Chang.

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