Keen amateur golfers wishing to experience the game outside the familiarity of their home countries will find that Thailand is the perfect destination for players of all standards. The country boast some of the finest courses in South-East Asia, a pleasant climate, excellent facilities, value for money and Thailand is a wonderful exotic holiday destination for the time you spend away from the course.

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Interest in golf in Thailand has grown over the past couple of decades and as a result there has been a significant growth in the number and the quality of courses all over the country. The areas best served are in the capital Bangkok, on the eastern seaboard around the tourist paradise of Pattaya, on the holiday island of Phuket and in the northern Thai mountains around the city of Chiang Mai. Many of the world’s best course designers been attracted to work in Thailand and top names like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Nick Faldo and Peter Thompson have all created wonderful courses which can be enjoyed by both professional and amateur visiting golfers alike. Some of these courses host some of the biggest events on the Asian professional golf tour and play host to some of the biggest golf stars from around the world.

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If you are planning a golfing holiday in Thailand the first thing to prepare yourself for is the weather. Thailand is a tropical country and as a result you will be playing in temperatures and humidity that may be substantially greater than those with which you a familiar. Thailand has three seasons, the hot season in April and May, the wet or rainy season from June to October and the cool season from November to March. It is possible to play golf throughout the year but the most comfortable time of year for foreign visitors is the cool season. Outside that time many visitors prefer to play early in the mornings or later in the afternoon when the temperature cools.

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If the temperature is a little intimidating, do not be alarmed most courses have golf buggies for navigating the fairways. This is typical of the excellent facilities you will find as standard throughout most of Thailand. All courses have experienced caddies whop will carry and prepare your clubs and other equipment. They will also be able to advise on the peculiarities and hazards of any local course as well as make sure you are supplied with adequate refreshment throughout your game.

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After your game you will be able to enjoy the après golf in a well run and extremely comfortable clubhouse. Thailand is famed for its hospitality and you will be served international quality food and beverages by friendly and welcoming staff.

If talk of buggies and caddies all sound like an expensive experience do not be alarmed. Golf in Thailand is among some of the best value for money in the world. The green fees, costs of buggies, caddies and other extras will almost certainly be a fraction of the price you would pay back at home which is what makes Thailand such an attractive destination for those wanting to play the noble game overseas.

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