The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is continuing to keep ahead of the competition in the use of digital technology to promote the country as a tourist destination. A couple of weeks ago, the TAT has launched its own webpage , making 19 Thailand tourist related phone apps available as free downloads. The apps can be used across a spectrum of digital devices including IPhone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. including IPhone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and Nokia.


Presenting the new ‘Thailand in Your Hand’ service to the press and tourist industry luminaries, Suraphon Svetasreni, the head of the TAT, said that the apps were particularly helpful to first time visitors providing more information that can be carried in a guidebook available at people’s fingertips. He stated ‘these facilities and services will help them (tourists) focus on enjoying themselves, rather than wasting time, effort and money just gathering all the necessary’. 

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The apps have been developed by a specialist IT development team within TAT and as a result, Thailand has become a world leader in utilising the latest technology to promote the tourist industry. The Amazing Thailand app, which contains highly detailed, easily accessible travel information has even topped as the most popular Android download. The development team believe the technology gives them a definitive edge over competing South East Asian countries.

The apps cover an enormous range of travel and holiday information from the ‘Amazing Thailand’ information app which functions as a digital guidebook, to highly specialised information like the Thailand Medical Tourism app which provides the latest information on the international standard medical facilities available throughout the country.

One app is dedicated to newlyweds. The Blissful Honeymoon app is designed specifically to help couples enjoy their first taste of married life. Another is specifically aimed at golfers, providing comprehensive information on over 150 courses across the Kingdom.

One of the most useful TAT apps is a translations app to help people communicate in the Thai language. ‘Speak Thai’ is a personal translator that has 2,500 useful words and phrases. The app can translate English, French, simplified Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

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