A plan has been approved by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aimed at tourism growth in the ever-changing global operating environment. The TAT held their annual marketing plan for 2012 between 23-26 June 2011, where an agreement was reached on the marketing plan to take advantage of technological innovation and ever changing demographics.


The Governor of TAT, Mr Suraphon Svetasreni, stated that the way TAT responded to the change was their biggest challenge. He added that as TAT was the primary agency responsible for tourism growth, the target of the meeting was to identify and implement an efficient marketing plan.

The target number of international tourists for 2012 has been set at 19.5 million with approximate revenue of 760 billion baht (US$24.85 billion) which would mean an increase of about 9% more than in 2011. They are hoping to generate around 453 billion baht (US$14.70 billion) from the domestic tourism industry. The very successful slogan “Amazing Thailand Amazes You” will continue to be used in 2012 as this has helped to build up Thailand’s position as a favoured destination for tourists from all over the world.

The meeting proposed six strategies to adapt to the changes in conditions and the occurrence of global and local crises and were identified as follows:

  • Promote tourism in a range of ways
  • Produce sustainable growth for tourist income
  • Improve Thailand’s brand image
  • Develop tourism so that it fits into the concept of the  ‘creative economy’
  • Develop stronger networks with other countries
  • Improve and maintain good internal management

The TAT identified eight specific marketing opportunities:

   1) Expand the high income market,

   2) Expand the niche customer segment,

   3) Encourage tourist to return,

   4) Attract new markets,

   5) Help potential partners with win- win projects,

   6) Better use of IT media applications,

   7) Use products and services to attract quality tourists and

   8) Increase the capacity of industry stakeholders to deal with change and tap new opportunities.

The following activities will help to achieve these plans:

  1. Develop specialist markets through product offers and by creating awareness. Popular niche markets include: honeymooners, romantic breaks and medical tourists.
  2. Take full advantage of digital media so that customers can be reached at anytime and anywhere in the world.  The TAT aims to develop strong relationships among Thailand’s tourists using the latest in digital media and social networking.
  3. Encourage travel between various regions including the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) using Thailand as a central point.
  4. Promote Thailand’s culture, environment and heritage to domestic travellers by using the slogan “New Hearts for a Sustainable Thailand”.
  5. Take better care of tourist attractions and enhance the environmental sustainability of growing destinations such as Koh Samui and provinces in the north of the country.  
  6. Attract new markets by increasing the number of first time travellers to Thailand in every market.  New markets to focus on include the female workforce in Asia, senior citizens throughout the world and families.