Holidaymakers visiting Thailand looking for perfect beach and guaranteed sun need look no further than the tropical paradise island of Koh Chang. There is a beach to suit every holidaymaker whether their preference is for a beach with a choice of activities, or just to sunbathe on a quiet strip of sand.

The most popular beaches are on the western side. The eastern side is not as developed but the beaches are just as appealing. The best time to visit this island to see it at its most beautiful is from October to April, but some people do prefer May to July since hotels and restaurants are less crowded, and with weather still pretty good on most days.

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White Sand Beach on the western side is the perfect strip of sand for the more energetic tourist. The beach is ideal for such activities as playing volleyball or to enjoy a kickabout with other energetic folk. If you just want to sunbathe and swim you should stick to the middle or north of the beach as the southern end is rocky.

Klong Prao Beach lies next to White Sand Beach but it is not as popular. This beach is quite unique in that the Klong Plu Waterfall’s river estuary splits it into three sections. The views of the sea and the river are quite magnificent. For those holidaymakers who love to be on the water, there is canoeing and kayaking. While the beach itself does not offer too many facilities, everything you could possibly need can be found on both sides of the main road running alongside.

Tourists visiting Kai Bae Beach will be surprised with the wide choice of activities available. This beach may not be as popular as White Sand and Klong Prao Beaches but it offers so much. It is situated a short distance from the main road making it a very peaceful place to spend an afternoon. With the overhanging palm trees, the beach is the perfect spot to relax and have a picnic. For the active sun worshippers there is plenty of space for beach games.  You can also view the underwater life by snorkelling just offshore. 

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Still on the western side of Koh Chang sits the beautiful Lonely Beach. This is the ideal beach for the family. As you sit on the beach enjoying a picnic, the view of the mountains is quite breathtaking. Lonely beach is safe for the children to wander along and build their sandcastles. For the kids there is enough space for them to throw their Frisbees around without disturbing mum and dad. If you really want a relaxing day there, you can visit one of the massage huts for a traditional Thai massage.

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If you want to see the real Thai fishing community, a visit to Kalakkok Bay on the eastern side of Koh Chang is a must. Things have remained the same in this community for generations. Very few tourists visit this area, but if you are tired of lying on sandy beaches, then this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the mountains. The only activity for the tourist is kayaking through the mangroves. It may not sound too promising but for relaxation this is the place to be.

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