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Modern facilities are in short supply for sailors and yachtsmen in the Gulf of Thailand. So for many, the opening of Siam Royal View’s state-of-the-art facility is the marina Thailand has been missing on the Eastern Seaboard.

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Opened in November 2012, the Koh Chang marina is the only facility of its class for a 200km radius and one of only two comparable marinas in the entire Gulf of Thailand. A paradise haven for yacht owners, the marina opens up one of the most exciting sailing areas in the world.

The region’s crystal clear seas are generously dotted with richly forested beach-fringed islands that are the very image of Hollywood fantasy. It is an area that begs to be explored by modern day seagoing adventurers, but prior to the completion of the Koh Chang marina the lack of high standard marina facilities has proved a big disincentive for many yachtsmen.

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For many, this is the marina they were waiting for – delivering first class facilities for boats owned by sailors based across Asia. It also opens up the area to international yachtsmen who previously avoided the Gulf because of the lack of decent facilities.

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The cutting edge marina provides berths for up to 75 boats in an environment well sheltered from the open sea, with thoroughly modern facilities for both sailing craft and motor boats. The now opened Phase 1 already represents over 50% of the final mooring capacity. In total, the marina will provide berths for 75 boats up to 90 feet in length, as well as dry berth storage for a large number of smaller sailing and speed boats up to 40 feet in length as well as recreational watercraft.

Siam Royal View can also provide safe mooring for super yachts visiting Koh Chang alongside a 110 metre concrete pier. The pier allows large vessels a secure berth on Thailand’s most beautiful holiday island.

The marina is included as an integral part of Siam Royal View’s Koh Chang property development project, one of Asia’s most exciting real estate ventures which in 2012 was awarded the title Best Villa Development on the Eastern Seaboard at the Thailand Property Awards. The development offers exceptional land based accommodation and outstanding recreation facilities.

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Outstanding marina facilities on Koh Chang

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Our marina is part of the Best Villa Development on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, Thailand Property Awards.

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Explore our Koh Chang marina:

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A guide to the Islands around Koh Chang

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