The two Salakkok Islands are in the Mu Koh Chang Archipelago Island Guide to the east of Koh Chang lying on approximately the same longitude Laem Sok Point on the mainland. The islands have no outstanding features and the surrounding waters around them are rarely visited by anything other than local fishing boats from Ban Salak Khok village on the mainland.

There are no outstanding reefs for snorkelling around the Salakkok Islands and in any event, the water is frequently cloudy offering poor visibility.

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Koh Lim Island  

Koh Lim is the larger of the two islands. It has no beach and an unwelcoming rocky shore.

Koh Salak

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The smaller of the island Koh Salak is similarly uninspiring.

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Sailing Guide to the Salakkok Islands

Although the two islands really are not worthy of exploration, sailors will find more of interest around Salakkok Bay on the mainland. Being on the east coast and tucked away off the main road, it is rarely visited by tourists but for yachtsmen it is worth of a day trip to watch the mangrove swamps from the sea. This is one of the best mangrove areas on Koh Chang and offers a good opportunity to see birds, reptiles and other wildlife.

Along the shore are a couple of small, traditional fishing communities which have been known to welcome leisure boats and allow mooring at their rickety piers alongside their homes. Sailing in Salakkok Bay offers one of the best opportunities of seeing real life on Koh Chang far removed from the tourism on the west coast.

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