There are 12 islands in the south eastern group which, on the whole, are rarely visited. This is hardly surprising as most are little more than tree or shrub covered rocks. However there are a couple of gems worthy of exploration.

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Koh Ngam

Those familiar with Phi Phi Don Island on Thailand’s Andaman coast will recognise topographical similarities with Koh Ngam. Like Phi Phi, Koh Kgam is kidney shaped and joined by a sand spit creating two back to back crescent bays about 50-metres apart. It is worth visiting for this feature alone.

Koh Ngam is sometimes visited by rock climbers as it offers a number of challenging climbs and great views. The presence of a private resort also provides an outlet for refreshments which is not available on many islands.

The French TV show ‘Survivor’ was filmed on Koh Ngam

Survivor : Koh Ngam

Koh Lom

Lying to the south east of Koh Ngam is Koh Lom which is little more than a shrub covered hillock rising from the sea.

Koh Krabung

Koh Krabung lies off to the north east of Koh Ngam and is as insignificant as Koh Lom, only slightly bigger.

Koh Mai Si Yai

Koh Mai Si Yai is the biggest of the south east islands, however the lack of sandy beaches means it is seldom visited. Dive boats do however occasionally visit the waters in the channel between Koh Mai Si Yai and Koh Mai Si Lek.

Divers and kayakers also visit the south east of the island which is home to the only sea cave in the archipelago. The cave is home to a large colony of bats.

On the island’s southern tip there is a rock formation known as Hin Yai or Grandmopther Rock.

Koh Mai Si Lek

Koh Mai Si Lek is the smaller of the two Mai Si islands but the second largest of the group. There is a small traditional fishing community in the bay on the south of the island. Other than that it is rarely visited.

Koh Mo Nai and Koh Mo Nok

Koh Mo Nai sits to the north of Koh Mai Si Lek. Small and tree covered, Koh Mo Nai has a shingle beach. To the east lies Koh Mo Nok a similarly uninspiring island.

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Koh Falami Nua and Koh Falami Tai

Nothing of note about either of these small islands.

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Koh Chan and Koh Chan Noi

This island pairing lie south of Koh Mai Si Yai. While Koh Chan is tree covered, its brother is little more than a pyramid shaped rocky outcrop where a small patch of shrubs clings to life.

Koh Sai Daeng

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Koh Bai Daeng is the most south westerly island of the group. The island is home to a national park ranger station and has camping facilities although they are rarely used. This is a shame because the island boasts a nice beach on its eastern shore.

Sailing Guide to the south east islands of the Mu Koh Chang Archipelago

The group of 12 islands to the south-east of Koh Chang rarely attracts leisure sailors for long as they are mostly rocky mounds covered with vegetation ranging from scrub to forest.

The pick of the bunch is undoubtedly Koh Ngam with Koh Bai Daeng possibly also justifying a visit.

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Koh Ngam


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