There are five islands lying of the south coast of Koh Chang. Koh Lao Ya, Koh Lao Klang, Koh Lao Nok are sometimes classified as belonging to the Salakphet Island group, but they lie outside of the bay and are closer to the bigger island of Koh Wai. The fifth and biggest island in the group is Koh Khlum which is situated to the west of Koh Wai and to the south of Ao Bang Bao.

Koh Lao Ya and Koh Lao Klang

Koh Lao Ya and the smaller Koh Lao Klang are two of the most interesting islands in the Mu Koh Chang archipelago, not least because they are linked by a 50-metre wooden footbridge.

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The islands are privately owned and are home to a resort which caters mainly to local holidaymakers, which is located on the eastern side of the larger island. Other bungalows offering the resort’s clients more privacy are scattered about both islands.

Koh Lao Ya has one of the best beaches in the whole archipelago, putting it at the top of the must-visit list for private boat owners. Outside of the local holiday season, the resort is very quiet and often sailors can enjoy both islands in almost total privacy with the additional bonus of having food and drinks available at the resort.

Highly recommended for a visit.

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Koh Lao Nok

Koh Lao Nok lies to the south of Koh Laoya and Koh Lao Klang and is decidedly less interesting than its neighbours. There are a couple of tiny beaches but they are seldom visited. To the south of Koh Lao Nok are Hin Luk Wai Nai and Hin Luk Wai Nok two rocky outcrops which are occasionally visited by scuba diving boats.

Koh Wai

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Koh Wai

One of the bigger islands in the whole archipelago, Koh Wai is also one of the most visited. The reason for its popularity is that in many respects it is a picture postcard tropical island paradise with crystal blue seas and pristine white sand beaches.

Koh Wai is fringed by one of the best reefs in the area and as a result, attracts plenty of dive and snorkelling boats. However the traffic does not detract from its outstanding natural beauty. There are also a number of accommodation options on the island.

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Koh Khlum

Koh Khlum lies to the south of Ao Bang Boa and is the biggest of the southern islands. Unfortunately, its size is not matched by attractions and there is little of interest especially when compared with the far more popular Koh Wai.

However, Koh Khlum does boast a white sand beach and clear waters, making it a good spot for sailors looking for quieter waters. The shallow waters surrounding Koh Khlum are also used by scuba schools taking novices on their first dives.

A Sailing Guide to the Islands South of Koh Chang

The southern islands of Koh Chang are a good destination for sailors. Although not all the islands are particularly interesting, Koh Lao Ya and Koh Lao Klang, as well as Koh Wai are some of the highlights in the Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park.

Fashion TV filmed on Ko Lao Ya

Koh Wai


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