For most visitors to Koh Chang, the islands of the Mu Koh Chang Archipelago Island Guide they will be most familiar with are the islands west of Koh Chang; Koh Suwan, Koh Rom, Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok, Koh Man Nai. This is because all six of these islands sit a relatively short distance off the tourist resort areas of the west coast and will be in their sights as they relax on the beach.

Koh Suwan Island – Koh Chang

Koh Suwan is the most northerly of the islands west of Koh Chang. It lies off the southern end of Klong Prao beach, roughly opposite Amari Emerald Cove Resort. There is a small beach on the eastern side facing the mainland.

Koh Suwan provides a good opportunity for snorkelers, especially in the cove on the west side of the island where there is a rock arch also presents an interesting feature.

Koh Rom Island – Koh Chang

As you move south down the west coast, the next island is Koh Rom at the northern end of Kai Bae. Despite Koh Rom being little more than a scrawny rocky outcrop, it somehow manages to accommodate a few surprisingly large trees.

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Koh Yuak Island – Koh Chang

Koh Yuak is the biggest of the six islands west of Koh Chang and is grouped together with Koh Pli and Koh Man Nok along Kai Bae beach.

The western side of the Koh Yuak is rocky as a result of wave action over the centuries, but on the eastern side facing Koh Chang there is a excellent white sand beach which can easily be reached by kayak.

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Koh Yuak is the best of the western islands for snorkelling and is regularly visited by tourist day trips.

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Koh Pli Island – Koh Chang

Koh Pli is the middle of the three islands off Kai Bae. It has no beach and is rarely visited.

Koh Man Nok Island – Koh Chang

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The cliffs and a rocky shore are the most striking features of Koh Man Nok which also has no beach and is therefore rarely visited. The waters are popular with local fishermen so sailors who are looking to catch fresh seafood may find some luck in the waters around Koh Man Nok.

Koh Man Nai – Koh Chang

The most southerly of the western island is Koh Man Nai. The island is just a short distance from the southern end of Kai Bae and it is possible at low tide to walk to the island. The island has a nice beach and as a result, is frequently visited.

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