Koh Chang, along with the rest of Thailand, is gearing up for the party of the year; and what better source of entertainment in in the hottest month of the year than engage in a super fun water fight. It’s Songkran time and from the 13th to the 15th of April, Koh Chang will erupt with New Year cheer to celebrate the traditional Thai New Year.

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The name Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘samkranti’ which refers to the astrological passage into the traditional New Year. Thai people celebrate Songkran by visiting neighbours and family to pay their respects. Most also visit their local temple where they receive blessings from monks and gently pour water over the shoulders of Buddha images. This gesture is also extended to friends and family. However, over the years the gentle pouring of water has morphed into dousing friends, family and complete strangers with water in what has become a three day long water fight the likes of which is unique to Thailand.

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In decades gone by, Koh Chang has typically been more subdued in its Songkran celebrations but this is changing as more and more islanders are arming themselves with super-soakers and plastic buckets and partying their hearts out. Local businesses, with the exception of most restaurants and bars, shut over this period and people line the streets ready to throw ice-cold buckets of water onto passersby. Don’t be surprised to have local’s gently wipe a fragrant mix of scented talcum powder and water onto your cheeks in a gesture of cleansing to mark the passage into the New Year only to be followed by a good natured wash of ice water over your head.

Beach Road and many of the island’s resorts will be teeming with activity. Songkran is great for kids, but be sure to keep them in sight as it gets quite crowded. For those looking to laze around on the beach and suntan, Songkran may not be the ideal time to do so, that is unless you don’t mind the occasional soaking.

One sensible tip is to avoid wearing your finest clothes as they are liable to get a bit dirty. Also, pick up some of the widely available zip locking bags with string straps to keep your mobile phones, money and other valuables away from water’s way. For those looking to take pictures of the occasion Songkran is the perfect time to put your waterproof camera to the test and for those with normal cameras be sure to waterproof them with plastic bags.  

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Those lucky enough to be on Koh Chang over this period will see the island come alive. It is great for the whole family and a chance to be a part of both a traditional and extremely fun time of the year in Thailand. Grab a bucket, super-soaker or other apparatus of choice and beat the heat Thai style.

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