White Sand Beach is the busiest tourist location on Koh Chang. The beach stretches for 2.5 kilometres, the majority of which is composed of fine white sand perfect for a tropical seaside holiday. Running parallel to the beach is the main road which is lined with hotels and guesthouses, along with the restaurants, bars, shops and other amenities that you would expect to find on a beach resort catering to international holidaymakers. White Sands is only a ten to fifteen minute drive from the ferry and is the first real indication that Koh Chang is a holiday island.

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Accommodation on White Sand Beach

There is an extensive range of accommodation on White Sand Beach from the luxury of the Koh Chang Grand View to cheap roadside backpacker rooms and everything in between. Over the last few years, the accommodation has improved across the board in reaction to its increased popularity as a tourist destination. More professional operators have moved in and increased land prices, which has started to squeeze out accommodation providers at the lower end of the scale.

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The Beach at White Sand Beach

White Sand beach is one of the best on the island. The sand is of excellent quality perfect for sun worshippers to while away their holiday hours. The beach has a gentle sloping aspect and the water is clear and clean. The sea offers a safe swimming area for families and during most of the tidal cycle, you have to go out a long way to find deep water. At low tide, a great expanse of sand is revealed which makes it a popular beach for games. Football and volley ball games take place at many points along the beach in the late afternoons/early evenings.

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Many clients have full rein to their creativity in equipping their terrace, designing them according to their personal taste and lifestyle. Some have installed whirlpool Jacuzzis, others a home bar, perfect for inviting friends over for evening drinks. Some terraces are equipped with a multi gym and others with water features or other adornments. It almost goes without saying that most consider a barbeque an absolute essential. Most importantly, Siam Royal View’s terrace configurations give homeowners choices and the ability to stamp their individual tastes on their beachside home.

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