The cutting edge Siam Royal View Yacht Marina provides berths for up to 75 boats with floating piers. It offers thoroughly modern facilities for both sailing craft and motor boats, and all berths are equipped with electricity and fresh water supply.

The Marina is up the river mouth and well sheltered from the open sea, wind and waves.

Siam Royal View Marina on Koh Chang is the only facility of its class within a 200km radius and one of only two comparable marinas in the entire Gulf of Thailand.

Blue Haven Bay Yacht Marina

A paradise haven for yacht owners, the marina opens up one of the most stunning sailing areas in the world.

The region’s crystal clear seas are generously dotted with richly forested tropical islands with pristine, picture perfect beaches. It is an area that begs to be explored by modern day seagoing adventurers, but prior to the completion of the Siam Royal View Marina on Koh Chang, the lack of high-end marina facilities has always proved to be a big disincentive for many adventurous yacht owners.

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To access the Marina, start at the outer sea marker and follow the buoys, keeping the green buoys on the starboard side (on your right) and the red buoys on the port side (to your left).   On the way out, the opposite applies. The inner sea marker is at the start of the river. 

The picture on the left shows the approximate approach route from the outer marker to the inner marker, into the river, up the river until the Marina entrance. 

Along the access route there are sand banks that may move from time to time through storms, river currents and tides. 

Before entering the marina, please check the tides table. 

If it’s your first time, please call or email us to make sure that you will be safe. We can also provide you with a lot service, or pick you up from your anchoring place in the bay. 


The Marina’s wet dock is several hundred meters up the navigable river, and surrounded by mountains, thus perfectly protected from waves and winds.  

The wet dock is also subject to tides, and thus equipped with massive floating docks of various sizes ensuring that all vessels can be moored safely. Every berth is equipped with electricity and water.  

The wet dock is located right adjacent to the Yacht Club Restaurant and the Marina Sands Resort, which can provide rooms, showers, fitness facilities, Food & Beverage catering and land transportation. 

You are most welcome to visit with your yacht or boat for short-term visits or for long-term mooring. For any inquiry, and to rent or buy Yacht berths in our Yacht Marina please contact us here.


The Marina also features a Dry Dock with boat service and maintenance facilities, which are mainly interesting for resident sailors that keep their vessel permanently at the Marina. 

However, in case of any issue, the Marina service team is ready to assist the visiting sailor. 

Boats up to a size of approx. 40 feet can be taken out of the water through the slip with a tractor.  

The Marina offers boat shelters of various types and sizes both for sale and for rent.  

For any inquiry on the options or services at the Dry Dock, please contact us here.


Interested to see what kind of boats are moored and operated permanently from the Siam Royal View Marina?